CIRCULAR™ wheelstripes - Motorcycle reflective rimstripes - 3M Technology™

New product

Kit for a single wheel (both sides) to allow mixing colors.
Order 2 kits for both wheels

  • Side visibility [+aesthetic]
  • Easy to install
  • Unique size compatible with 15", 16", 17", 18" ou 19" rims
  • Width to choose 7 mm or 10 mm. Rims edges here in picture are 7 mm

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The motorcycle wheel-stripes CIRCULAR™ made by VFLUO

Adhesive rims edges CIRCULAR™ of VFLUO are in curved stripes for perfectly fitting the shape of your rims. Unlike the rollers wheel stripes which are difficult to install, these are pre-cut and made to be easier. In addition, we provide you an additional piece of tape per rim face if necessary.

Check the size of your rim : 15", 16", 17", 18" or 19" as the most of motorcycle’s wheel.

> ZR15, ZR16, ZR17, ZR18 or ZR19 inscription on the side of the wheel.

Our adhesive wheel-stripes are available in 7mm width, the most common size and will fit most motorcycle’s wheels. They are also available in 10 mm width, for a more visible and thicker effect.

Reminder: 1 kit = 1 wheel (both sides)
For the 2 wheels, order 2 kits

Reminder: the yellow color is not fluorescent.

Retro reflective wheel-stripes for a 360° visibility

Stickers de jante 3M

With the VFLUO retro reflective rim’s edge stickers significantly improve your side visibility. Completing visibility of head and back light, this allow 360° visibility.

The 3M Scotchlite material is by far the best retro reflective on the market.

The retro reflective wheel-strips 3M™ quality, made in France by VFLUO

We design and cut your sticker in Strasbourg, France, and their quality is our first concern.

The material choice followed numerous tests for motorcycle. Technical and aesthetic constraints of this use require products of the highest existing quality.

3M™ manufacture retro reflective colored adhesive well above its competitors. It has several advantages :

  • The most powerful black retro reflective adhesive on the market, and the most beautiful retro reflective colors.
  • Strong adhesive perfectly adapted to rigid surfaces with excellent durability (8 years).
  • Easy to install adhesive, thanks to its elasticity.

VFLUO / 3M Technology™ VFLUO : Made in France VFLUO : Motorcyclist V sign

By (XX, France) on  15 Sept. 2016 (CIRCULAR™ wheelstripes - Motorcycle reflective rimstripes - 3M Technology™) :

Great product !

The red ones since one week on my Z750
It was really easy to install them, when you take your time and clean the rims
Beautiful the day and reassuring by night