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Sold by 15 cm stripes / size of the squares to choose !

The checkerboard stripes (2 strings of squares  / 15 cm long) in black or white retro reflective to make superb decorations on your motorcycle gear or on your motorcycle !

They can be glued end to end for a checkerboard of the wished length.

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The modular retro reflective checkerboard

The size you choose defines size of the squares of your retro reflective checkerboard stripes. For the three available size, stripes are 15 cm long with double rows of reflective squares. They are made to be glued end to end and/or side by side for a modular checkerboard length and number of squares rows.

  • Size "Squares of sides 1,5 cm" : 15 cm x 3 cm stripes
    > Two rows of 5 squares
  • Size "Squares of sides 1,9 cm" : 15 cm x 3,8 cm stripes
    > Two rows of 4 squares
  • Size "Squares of sides 2,5 cm" : 15 cm x 5 cm stripes
    > Two rows of 3 squares

Reflective squares of the checkerboard are independent and kept by transfer film. This will allow you to glued them in once or with the help of a transfer film, in case of difficult or round surface of your support : helmet, tank, case...

Sticker delivered in a sturdy cardboard and packaged with a transparent transfer film : the sticker is protected, the motif maintains during installation and the position on your support is facilitated.

The VFLUO / 3M™ quality, made in France

We design and cut your sticker in Strasbourg, in France, and their quality is our first concern.

The material choice followed numerous tests for motorcycle. Technical and aesthetic constraints of this use require products of the highest existing quality.

3M™ manufacture retro reflective colored adhesive well above its competitors. It has several advantages :

  • The most powerful black retro reflective adhesive on the market, and the most beautiful retro reflective colors.
  • Strong adhesive perfectly adapted to rigid surfaces with excellent durability (8 years).
  • A great easy to install, thanks to its elasticity.

VFLUO / 3M Technology™ VFLUO : Made in France VFLUO : Motorcyclist V sign

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