There are two main payment options :

1/ Secured card payment (advised)

VFLUO - Paiement en ligne sécurisé par carte bancaire

It's the most efficient payment option proposed by VFLUO. You can pay your purchases with different credit card : Debit card, Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, e-Debit card.

Payment is made through the completely Payzen secure platform, Lyra Network Operator group and Crédit Agricole Alsace-Vosges Bank. Payzen ensures optimal safety of your data thanks to it PCI DSS certification and the use of SSL protocol. Banking informations that you will indicate will be encrypted. They will appear anywhere in clear and will never be seen or stored by VFLUO.

You will be asked to provide your credit card number, its expiration date and its security code (on the back of the card). Your order will thus recorded and validated as soon as your payment bank's validation that is in usually immediate.


2/ Paypal payment

VFLUO - Paiement sécurisé par PayPal

Paypal allows to pay easily, fast and secure on internet without communicate your banking informations.
Payment be made on the Paypal secure server through encrypted SSL page and none of your bank information passing through VFLUO.
Open a freely Paypal account and make your purchases safely : your Paypal e-mail and password are enough. With Paypal, all your euro payment are free.
Your order will thus recorded and validated as soon as Paypal payment acceptation which is usually immediate

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