FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

- Can you do made-to-measure products?
- Can you print on your stickers?
- Can the products be removed without leaving any traces?
- What is VFLUO product lifetime?
- Its look like my product doesn't work correctly, is it deficient?
- I ordered a 3M™ product but I don't see the logo anywhere?
- I did not receive any e-mail confirmation, is it normal?
- I need further information, where to find it?


Can you do made-to-measure products?

Yes, we can answer to special requests starting from starting from 100€ order by format and depending on feasibility. Please contact us via our Contact form.

We will need a vector .pdf, .ai or .svg file for the production.

Can you do prints on your stickers?

No, because the print blocks the retro reflection. We do not print on our products so that they stay fully effective

Can the product be removed without leaving any traces?

Yes, you can remove without leaving any traces out of a rigid surface (tank fuel or helmet for example). It’s necessary to make the operation with a lot of precautions and with the right method. Heating adhesive slightly with a hair dryer or a thermic scraper, far enough from the surface, and checking the heat with the hand. Take off progressively and use a soft stain remover if needed. Rub with the finger the eventual glue residues. Make the finishing stage with smooth duster or microfiber.

What is the VFLUO product lifetime?

The VFLUO products have the best durability among the retro reflective products : minimum 8 ans

Its look like my product doesn't work correctly, it is deficient?

There is a very easy method to test your products. Remove the outer package and take off the thick transparent transfer film if needed (on certain products only). Stand in darkness preferably. Step back from two or three meters of the products. Take the product in picture with flash, preferably with smartphone (flash more closer to the lens). Admire the result!

If you followed our advice and you noticed that the result was not satisfactory, send us the picture via our Contact form we will fully refund the product!

I ordered a 3M™ product but I don't see the logo anywhere?

The 3M™ logo is on the back of each of its materials, generally at intervals of 15cm. It is therefore possible that the 3M™ logo is not available on some of our small products. We guarantee the origin and the 3M™ label of all VFLUO brand products stamped with Logo 3M™ on the package or on the website VFLUO.FR

I did receive any e-mail confirmation, it is normal? 

No, because we sent systematically follow-up emails. It may be that our emails are blocked in the SPAM folder. Please consult it in your mailbox.
It could also be possible that you made an input error  in your email address. In this second case, please contact us via our Contact form and indicate your correct email address, date and time of your order so that we can correct it.

I need further information, where to find it ?

You will certainly find what you need on our Customers service page or on one of our other help pages!

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