FULL PROTECT SWEATSHIRT™ - Protective and Comfortable Motorcycle Clothing

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Reduced price! FULL PROTECT SWEATSHIRT™ - The comfortable black protective hoodie for motorcyclists - SAS-TEC™ level 2 integral protections

The safety of a motorcycle jacket, the lightness of a sweatshirt!

  • Anti-abrasion: composed of fibres 5 times stronger than steel but much lighter

  • Impact resistance: certified back, elbows and shoulders protection with the highest performance on the market

  • Visible: be spotted at night at 360° and 4 times further away than with a classic jacket

Motif: V or SKULL


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A comfortable hoodie that fully protects motorcyclists.

We wanted to create an everyday garment that really protects the motorcyclist by combining different technologies to make the FULL PROTECT™ the ultimate garment to wear on a motorcycle. It combines several advantages:

  • Il a le confort et l'apparence d'un vêtement ordinaire: pour créer un vêtement agréable à porter, le tissus du sweat n'est pas imperméable. Il est très plaisant à porter par plus de 15°C et particulièrement lorsqu'il fait chaud car le vent le traverse pour un effet rafraîchissant.
  • It offers a great freedom of movement.
  • Practical: It is optimized at best for riding a motorcycle thanks to its mittens and four belt loops for pant attachment for it not to moove while riding, its two lateral and two inner pockets with zips and its two drawstring hood with an easy and quick tightening system that will not hang.
  • The motorcyclists' protection is our priority, but we don't want to sacrifice the aesthetic! Our hoodies are available in two ranges: the V of the motorcyclists' greeting or the SKULL™. Choose your style!
  • It combines three technologies to ensure to motorcyclists an optimal level of protection:
  1. Anti-abrasion
  2. Anti-shock
  3. Night visibility

1. Anti-abrasion: 100% DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber

It is entirely lined with 100% DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber, also used for bulletproof vests and resists abrasion during a 68 mph fall (110 km/h). This synthetic fiber, developed by the DuPont de Nemours company, is 5 times more resistant than steel and much more lightweight.

It has a tensile strength of 3,620 MPa and a relative density of 1.44 while being as flexible as fabric, to offer freedom of movement and comfort.

2. Anti-shoc: ultra-flexible SAS-TEC™ protectors

Inside, the ultra-flexible SAS-TEC™ protectors resists impacts by perfectly conforming shoulders, elbows and back by protecting the spinal column from top to bottom. They are certified level 2 against shocks, the highest standard of the market. .

The technology of the german company SAS-TEC™ is built on a shape memory protector with viscoelastic properties, able to absorb shocks with a superior efficiency of 50 % compared to the classic stiff protections. Its material, becoming harder in case of impacts, is extremely flexible and follows the movements in a comfortable way.

3. 360° visibility by night: retroreflective 3M Technology™ inserts

Our hoodie is 360° visible by night and 4 times farther than a classic jacket thanks to its retro reflected inserts provided with 3M Technology™. The patented REFLECTIVE BLACK CARBON™ material offers an anthracite grey color discreet by day and a high level of retro reflectivity of 300 RA which significantly improves the visibility by low-light.

A retro-reflective insert on the hood allows you to preserve visibility even with a backpack

A clothing adapted to the needs of motorcyclists

You can choose between several ranges to create a hoodie matching at best what you need.

Thanks to the custom-made protectors inserts, you can order your hoodie with or without protectors (if you already have them).

However, for a motorcycle use, we deeply advise you to pick the SAS-TEC protectors of level 2 (not many protectors have this level of protection)!


  • FULL PROTECT SWEATSHIRT™ + the back SAS-TEC™ protector of the right size

  • FULL PROTECT SWEATSHIRT™ + the back SAS-TEC™ protector of the right size+ the elbows and shoulders SAS-TEC™ protectors

A hoodie which is adapted to all styles

The protection of motorcyclists is our priority, but we don't want to sacrifice style and aesthetic! Our hoodies are available in two declinaisons: The V of motorcyclists' greeting or the SKULL™. Each pattern is on the left side of the chest and in the back. Choose your style!


Those declinaisons are also available in stickers: the V Sticker of motorcyclist sign or the SKULL™ Sticker.

A clothing thought, designed and transformed in France

The FULL PROTECT SWEATSHIRT™ has entirely been thought and designed by our team in our factory in France.

Made in Pakistan, quality is our first priority: its fabric is 80% coton and it is lined up in 210 gsm KEVLAR™.

Then, it has been transformed again in our factory in Strasbourg, mainly for the addition of retroreflective 3M Technology™ inserts and conditioned for you.

Size Chart

Adjusted for the motorcyclists: our FULL PROTECT™ sizes as a classic hoodie but slightly near the body, for a better aerodynamism on the road.

Once you have taken your measurements, if you find that you are between two sizes or that your measurements do not correspond uniformly to a size (chest size S but waist size M, for example), we recommend that you take the largest size even if you are at the limit (so a FULL PROTECT SWEATSHIRTS™ in Medium for the example). The most important measurements to ensure an optimal waist are waist and chest measurements.

Guide des tailles

How to measure your size?

Washing instructions:

  • Cold water machine wash
  • Do not dewater
  • Do not dry in machine
  • Do not iron
  • No javel nor chlorine
  • Do not bleach
  • Return the garment before putting it in the machine

Reflecting materials:

  • - In the back: strip on the hood/big logo V (or SKULL™) of 18cm almost
  • On the front: VFLUO logo of 11cm almost along the pocket/logo V (or SKULL™) on the chest of 7cm almost
  • Laterally: bands of 21 cm almost high on arms on each side


The outside layer is 80% coton and 20% polyesthere

210 gsm 100 % Kevlar™ on more than 90 % of the internal.

The fabric is not waterproof nor windbreak. It is very pleasant to wear when the temperature is higher than 15°C and especially when it's hot thanks to its respirant material.

All our zippers are from the Japanese YKK brand, the most reputable brand worldwide for zippers.

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