While driving at 120 kilometers per hour on a local highway, Andy, a Texas motorcyclist, suddenly crashed and slid more than 100 meters on the asphalt. 

Andy thinks he owes his survival to his FULL PROTECT™ sweatshirt, which held up to the end, saving him from very serious burns and numerous fractures. In the end, he escaped with a broken foot and ankle, bruises as well as superficial burns. 


It is noticeable that the integral Kevlar lining of the FULL PROTECT™ sweatshirt has stood up well to the fall. The areas where the protective shells are placed, namely the elbows, shoulders as well as the upper back, also effectively resisted the asphalt, allowing the protections to fulfill their purpose.

After his accident, Andy expressed his gratitude to our team for making it possible for motorcyclists around the world to ride visible and protected with quality, durable and effective products. By sharing his story, he hopes all bikers understand the importance of being equipped. 

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