Autumn is here : stay visible !

Days drops of 4 minutes every day.

Late September in Strasbourg, the sun is setting at 19h00 and we are losing almost 4 minutes every day. This is the time of the year when we often said :

Was it already dark ?

A majority of motorcyclists would not ride at night because it is too dangerous, but for those who have already done it must be said that is a wholly new experience. The calm and immobility ambient gives us the impression to be alone.

It is unfortunately that is making the thing dangerous. With the weather who begin to be capricious.
Days become quickly shorter so we easily forget its own visibility, in back home from a work day for example. And we, motorcyclists, have to attract attention on the road.

Even when we are not driving by dark night, the lack of visibility is already being felt when there is less light, at night, when it is cloudy, when it is raining or simply in a tunnel.

This questions that are not necessarily a reflex, we are going to ask it for you : 

Have you checked your headlight ?

Are you 360° visible ?

You will find here the method : How to being 360° visible by motorcycle ?

Ample solutions, aesthetic and economics exists which will making you visible from afar at night.

The night regain its rights, take yours !


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