Lockdowns and curfews are behind us. We are finally enjoying the freedom of riding a motorcycle again - and we do not lose hope of seeing the sun again!


In an effort to keep that incomparable feeling of freedom, we developed our FULL PROTECT™ line of protective sweatshirts. As a result of noticing a lack of motorcycle clothing that combines comfort, protection and style, these motorcycle clothes were born.

Our FULL PROTECT™ sweatshirts can be compared to actual zippered vests as they are so comfortable! On a motorcycle they are lightweight and allow air to circulate for optimal riding feeling on warm days. 

When walking they are pleasant to wear: your movements are not restricted as with a leather or a jacket... So you don't need to take a spare coat anymore!


We have perfected several aspects of our FULL PROTECT STREET CHILL™, such as its lightweight and waterproof interior pocket to enjoy long motorcycle rides better.

It is as comfortable while driving as it is when you are walking in town.

With the look of a unisex apparel, discreet and low-profile by day, all of our FULL PROTECT™ sweatshirts have an understated, urban inspiration.

So that everyone can find the right fit for them, we offer several colors and a black version without a hood: the FULL PROTECT CITY CHILL™.

motorcyclist wearing a black FULL PROTECT sweatshirt striking a pose

VFLUO's philosophy has been, and always will be, to develop products for motorcyclists that combine safety, comfort and style. Our range of Kevlar sweatshirts is the reflection of this philosophy: everyday clothing to protect you on your motorcycle thanks to level 2 protections, approved by the French legislation, that come with it. 

Do not think of your equipment as a burden anymore and live your life 100% as a motorcyclist! 

Do you know our reflective stickers especially designed for specific helmet models?

The idea behind this project came from the lack of aestheticism of the mandatory white stickers that must be stuck on one's motorcycle helmet. With this range of approved stickers, discover a qualitative and eye-catching solution to equip your favorite helmets! Designed to improve your visibility while perfectly matching the design of your helmet, our range of approved stickers now includes more than 10 models to make sure you find what you are looking for!

three black helmets with reflective stickers sticked on them

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