Decorative stickers for helmets

Our top-quality retro-reflective stickers to customize and make your helmets more visible

This is our range of decorative retro-reflective stickers. Find what you need among different colors and shapes. We offer reflective stickers of generic shapes and other more original, which adapt to all motorcycle helmets.

These stickers, even if they are an aesthetic asset and improve your visibility, do not allow the approval of your helmet. They can’t, in any case, replace the white reflective stickers which are the only ones to be approved. If you are looking for this kind of stickers, we have what you need here: our certified stickers

Do not hesitate to put color and shapes on your helmet to have an original look day and night to stand out from other motorcyclists!

La technologie 3M™, la meilleure du marché

3M Technology™

Our VFLUO products feature industry-leading 3M™ retro-reflective technology.

Our choice was the 3M Scotchlite™ range, initially designed for professional Personal Protective Equipment and perfectly adapted to the technical constraints of motorcycle use.

Thus, the devices featuring this technology guarantee you high retro-reflective power and a strong grip for durability and high visibility!

Le fonctionnement du rétro-réfléchissants

Retro-reflective technology

At night or in low light, without retro-reflective devices, you'll only be visible from 30 meters away, and only from certain angles.

Unlike a mirror, retro-reflective technology reflects light back to its source through millions of micro-prisms, from over 100 meters away. This technology is therefore ideal for motorcycle safety. 

Our products are easy to install and don not need to be recharged: once installed, they function in all circumstances, for at least eight years.

VFLUO, la marque française pour les motards

VFLUO / made in France

VFLUO offers accessible and innovative motorcycle safety equipment, in terms of both aesthetics and efficiency.

Designed by motorcyclists for motorcyclists, our products are created in Strasbourg and have undergone numerous tests to meet the technical requirements of motorcycle use.

Our goal is to make your motorcycle and your equipment more visible at night, while remaining discreet during the day!