Approved stickers for helmet

Our tolerated black and approved white stickers

You shouldn’t have to choose between safety and aesthetics, that’s why we offer different reflective stickers for all your motorcycle helmets.

With VFLUO you can choose: generic stickers kits that go on all models or specially designed for your branded motorcycle helmets. In black for discretion, they reflect the light in white and are accepted by the authorities, or in white, more classic and approved.

We designed a range of stickers specific to certain motorcycle helmets but adaptable to identical models. In this way, for example, with a SHARK SPARTAN™ kit you can equip your Lazer OSPRAY or your Shoei GT AIR.

We believe it’s possible to offer aesthetic stickers that also ensure your safety. That’s why our black stickers are very discreet by day, so as not to spoil the design of your helmet, but also ultra visible at night.

What are you waiting for? We necessarily have what you need!