THERMOREFLECTIVE™ - Sheet of reflective thermoadhesive material to cut out - All Textile - Black or Silver - 3M Technology™

Personalize your sweatshirts and textiles with our iron-on reflective strips!

  • Visible over 100m at night and in low light
  • 1 10x15cm sheet to cut-out to create your own patterns
  • Easy installation on all fabrics with an iron
  • Weather and washing resistant and durable (minimum 8 years)
  • Made in France
  • Black carbon
  • Silver
Cut-out sticker size
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Sheet of reflective material to cut out and iron on

THERMOREFLECTIVE™ is the essential accessory to personalize your clothes by increasing their visibility at night. Used to decorate our FULL PROTECT™ sweatshirts, we now offer it as a cut-out board so you can create your own reflective fabrics.

Retroreflective thermoadhesive strips

VFLUO finally offers you its iron-on material for your textiles. Developed in 3M ™ technology, the most efficient retro-reflective material on the market. The black version makes you visible from over 100 meters while the gray is effective from over 150 meters.

We offer this product in two colors to adapt to the largest number of surfaces, silver-gray and black, and in the form of a 10x15 cm cutting board.

THERMOREFLECTIVE™ is very easy to apply, you will just need a clothes iron for the product to adhere to the surface.

For optimal durability, we provide you with detailed instructions.

The visibility accessory that brings you style

Designed to fit your motorcycle jacket as well as your leather, but also your bags and other soft motorcycle luggages. You can choose between our two colors to make you visible at night:

  • Carbon black, less intense than ordinary black, is ideal for dark textiles for a very discreet tone-on-tone effect during the day. It is also designed for soft clothing because it is elastic.
  • Silver-gray is ideal for light or white textiles where it will be most discreet during the day. It is designed for slightly more rigid clothes that do not move.

Using scissors, cut the desired shape from our THERMOREFLECTIVE™ to make your textiles and clothing reflective. Infinite customization for greater visibility at night and unmatched style.

By sticking reflective strips around your sleeves or on the back, front, and shoulders of your garment it is very easy to create 360° visibility. Otherwise, it is also possible to create original shapes or a word.


  1. Before applying the product, wash, dry and iron the selected garment.
  2. Cut the product to the required shape with scissors.
  3. After first testing on a non-visible area, set your iron to its wool setting and iron the product on in the required position.
  4. Step back and take a flash photo. Share on social networks!

3M Technology™

Our VFLUO products are equipped with 3M™ retro-reflective technology, which is the best on the market.

We decided to choose the 3M Scotchlite™ range, initially designed for Personal Protective Equipment for professionals, because it is perfectly adapted to the technical constraints of motorcycle use.

Thus, devices using this technology promise you a strong retro-reflective power and a strong adhesion for durability and visibility!

The retro-reflective technology

By night or in low light conditions, without retro-reflective devices you will only be noticed at a distance of 30 meters from some angles.

Unlike a mirror, the retro-reflective material reflects the light to its source through millions of micro-prisms, at more than 100 meters. Thus, this technology is ideal for the safety of motorcyclists.

Our products are easy to install and do not need to be recharged: once installed they are functional in all circumstances and for at least 8 years.

VFLUO / made in France

VFLUO offers motorcycle safety equipment that is accessible and innovative in terms of aesthetics and efficiency.

Designed by motorcyclists for motorcyclists, our products are created in Strasbourg and were tested many times to meet the technical requirements related to the motorcycle use.

Our will is to allow you to make your motorcycle and equipment more visible by night while remaining discreet by day!

For / Surface
Types of products
To sew or iron on
Mandatory equipments in France
High visibility by night (and bad weather)
+ Discreet by day
1 side visibility
3 sides visibility
360° visibility
Lateral visibility

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