Stickers 3M™ - V motard - décoration rétro réfléchissante
Stickers 3M™ - V motard - décoration rétro réfléchissante
Stickers 3M™ - V motard - décoration rétro réfléchissante
Stickers 3M™ - V motard - décoration rétro réfléchissante

LINES™ kit - reflective tapes in 9 colors - 3M Technology™

The VFLUO black or colored retro reflective stripes (3M™ material REFLECTIVE COLORS).

Ultra flexible, everything is possible with these stripes : DECORATION + VISIBILITY

For the motorcycle rims please watch this specific product.

Choices : color, stripes quantity and width square angle (glued end to end) or rounding.

  • Black
  • White / silver
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Orange KTM®
  • Gold
Sticker size
Type of angle
Tax included

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The ultra flexible VFLUO LINEUP™ stripes 

The VFLUO LINEUP™ adhesive stripes are extremely flexible. For instance they may follow the design of your helmet without any difficulties as soon as the temperature is high enough. The 1 cm stripes may even turn to right angle without bubble or irregularity of pose by heating them with hair dryer or by putting it over a radiator.

To obtain longer stripes, to make a full tour of the helmet or top case. Please choose square angle stripes. They are made to be glued end to end to make the junction invisible.

Delivered with its use tip sheet.

A 360° visibility easy to implement

3M™ Scotchlite™ : solutions de visibilité à 360°

With VFLUO retro reflective stripes it's easy to create a 360° visibility.

The 4 stripes kit composed of 30 cm x 1 cm stripes gives you a 1,20 meters retro reflective line to put on your motorcycle, or on any rigid support.

The retro reflective stripes kit 3M quality™, made in France by VFLUO

We design and cut your sticker in Strasbourg, in France, and their quality is our first concern.

The material choice followed numerous tests for motorcycle. Technical and aesthetic constraints of this use require products of the highest existing quality.

3M™ manufacture retro reflective colored adhesive well above its competitors. It has several advantages :

  • The most powerful black retro reflective adhesive on the market, and the most beautiful retro reflective colors.
  • Strong adhesive perfectly adapted to rigid surfaces with excellent durability (8 years).
  • Easy to install adhesive, thanks to its elasticity.

VFLUO / 3M Technology™ VFLUO : Made in France VFLUO : Motorcyclist V sign

For / Surface
All vehicles (adaptable)
Gyropod and Electric Unicycles
Motor Scooter
Types of products
Mandatory equipments in France
Motorcycle brand
Other brands
Motorcycle model
1200 GS
1250 GS
K 1200 GT
K 1300 GT
K1600 GT
K1600 GTL
Other models
R1200 R
R1200 RS
R1200 RT
High visibility by night (and bad weather)
+ Discreet by day
+ High visibility by day
1 side visibility
3 sides visibility
360° visibility
Lateral visibility
Luggage stickers
Side bags
Top-case + Side bags
Type of adhesive
24h repositionable adhesive
Strong adhesive non-repositionable
By (Mühlacker, Germany) on  27 Apr. 2022 (LINES™ kit - reflective tapes in 9 colors - 3M Technology™) :

Product perfect. Service perfect. Ever and ever again :-)

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