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The VFLUO retro reflective stickers for the motorcycle are optimal for the side cases, top cases, wheelrims, rear-view mirrors, any plastics or metallic parts, or any other rigid and smooth surfaces !

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  • Tiras para llantas de motocicleta CIRCULAR™ -  7 mm tiras retro-reflectantes blancas de día blancas de noche - 3M™ Tiras para llantas de motocicleta CIRCULAR™ -  7 mm tiras retro-reflectantes blancas de día blancas de noche - 3M™
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    Kit for a single wheel (both sides) to allow mixing colors.Order 2 kits for both wheels Side visibility [+aesthetic] Easy to install Unique size compatible with 15", 16", 17", 18" ou 19" rims Width to choose 7 mm or 10 mm. Rims edges here in picture are 7 mm

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  • Motorcycle rim strips GP DESIGN™ - 7mm strips white by day retro-reflective white by night - 3M™ Motorcycle rim strips GP DESIGN™ - 7mm strips white by day retro-reflective white by night - 3M™
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    Prepare your motorcycle like a pro and adopt the GP style ! Be visible at 100m sideways at night Easy to install Compatible with 16", 17" or 18" rims Choose your color Width 7mm or 10mm Order 2 kits for retro reflective stripes on both wheel (free shipping). Kit for a single wheel (both sides), allowing you to mix color and width.

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  • RCblack

    The black reflective adhesive film from 3M™ is full black by day and reflects light in white by night. Its coefficient of retroreflexion is the most powerful possible for a black reflective material. It can be applied on the motorcycle, the helmet, the top-case, the luggage or any other surface to enhance its visibility or just to customize it. 9 OTHER...

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  • RCgscorners

    Chevron stripes for BMW 1200 GS aluminium bags. Simple and aesthetic to improve your visibility at night or by low light.For a increased and three-dimensional visibility of your motorcycle template, at 360°.Choose the color and the kit type (top-case, cases or both) bellow.

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  • RCcolors

    Vivid colors by day / Light up at night in the beam of headlights The better power and durability (8 years) on the market The universal retro reflective sticker, in 9 colors The ideal retro reflective adhesive for the motorcycle and the helmet

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  • RCV

    The V takes a new dimension ! The 3M™ black or white retro reflective motorcyclist sign sticker to make a big V while making yourself more visible : on the back of the helmet / top-case / case...On the back of the car : "Motorcyclist on board !" Associated product: The FULL PROTECT SWEATSHIRT™ with the V logo, the clothing which integrally protects...

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  • SG

    SOLAS means "Safety Of Life At sea". The 3M™ SOLAS GRADE™ adhesive reflective tape is conceived for the navy (life jackets, lifeboats...), coastguards and airforce throughout the globe. Visible at more than 250 meters Ultra efficient with bad weather conditions Highly adhesive and flexible (for motorcycle clothes)

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  • FR

    The best combined sticker "fluorescent" yellow + retro reflective. Used by gendarmerie and emergency. Very high visibility DAY + NIGHT Micro Prismatic High Performance technology 100% efficiency in the rain  Easy to cut and install (rigid surfaces only)  Resistance and long life

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  • RClines

    The VFLUO black or colored retro reflective stripes (3M™ material REFLECTIVE COLORS). Ultra flexible, everything is possible with these stripes : DECORATION + VISIBILITYFor the motorcycle rims please watch this specific product. Choices : color, stripes quantity and width square angle (glued end to end) or rounding.

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  • RCcheck

    Sold by 15 cm stripes / size of the squares to choose ! The checkerboard stripes (2 strings of squares  / 15 cm long) in black or white retro reflective to make superb decorations on your motorcycle gear or on your motorcycle ! They can be glued end to end for a checkerboard of the wished length.

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  • RCbmwkit1

    A special kit for K1200 and K1300 model BMW sports cases ( R, S-RSport version) 6 element (3 a case) cut by computer, with rounded edges : 2 vertical stripes : 4 cm x 15 cm 2 horizontal stripes : 2 cm x 13 cm 2 horizontal stripes : 2 cm x 7 cm

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    Kit for BMW suitcases R1200RT / R1200RS / R1200R / K1600GT / K1600GTL Form adapted to suitcases design Black or white/silver to be discreet by day or the FLUO REFLECTIVE® to stay visible in all circumstances thanks to the micro prismatic technology Very high visibility by night Easy to install, repositionnable Resistance and long life See the...

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