Style by day and visibility at night with our reflective stickers for motorcycles.


Self-adhesive rim strips in different styles, sizes and colors to give you lateral visibility.


Retro-reflective stickers of different colors and shapes to decorate your motorcycle safely.

Visibility at more than 100 meters with our retro-reflective stickers for all your motorcycle: tank, rims, luggage, etc...

We offer you a wide range of shapes and colors to stand out or remain discreet during the day and reflect at night.

We decided to choose the 3M Scotchlite™ range, initially designed for Personal Protective Equipment for professionals, because it is perfectly adapted to the technical constraints of motorcycle use.

All our products undergo several tests and are manufactured in our workshops in Strasbourg.

Unlike a mirror, the retro-reflective material reflects the light to its source through millions of micro-prisms, at more than 100 meters.

As VFLUO offers products for motorcyclists designed by motorcyclists, this technology has proven to be the most effective for our safety!