The difference between a mirror and the retro reflective technology

The retro reflective technology based on a simple principle :

The light is reflect to its source by millions of micro-prims.

By comparison (see the image above ) :

1/ A mirror reflect the light to the symmetrically opposite direction.

2/ The retro reflective redirects the light back to its source direction.

And an any surface will absorb a large part of the light by disseminate the rest to all directions, the light is "lost".

This technology is a cutting edge technology and its manufactured requiers an extreme level of accuracy.

the micro-prisms shape and position in the used material and its color implies different abilities :

- More or less retro reflectivity power

- More or less exhibit angle

- the colors strength by day or reflected

The retro reflective technologie find its own interest principally in the road sector : traffic sign, safety clothing, vehicles markup...

VFLUO : améliorer sa visibilité à moto avec le rétro réfléchissant

VFLUO Equipped motorcycle and motorcyclists; products are indicates at the end of article.

It is the cars headlights (or dispedbeam headlamp) which illuminates the retro reflective.

The retro reflective redirects the light towards the vehicle to be seen by the driver.

Only the vehicle occupants see the retro reflective illuminated.

With motorcycle, it is an advantage and a perfect complement to its own headlights, because it is making visible only for those who need to see you, without disturbing other road users. And without consuming any energy :

The retro reflective use the already present energy on the road to making it more intelligent.


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